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Day 1 of No Soda…

Not that anyone really reads my blog, but in case there’s a few out there who did, my transformation is going well.  I have yet to lose any pounds, but my body is changing.  My body fat percentage has dropped almost 2% already, which means more muscle, less fat and that’s what I’m shooting for.  The first few weeks, I gained almost 8 lbs!  But over the last week, I have lost almost all of that initial gain, and am close to what I was at when I first started this transformation.  I know results don’t come overnight, and I’m cool with that.  I just need to focus on my diet much more.

Last week, my trainer, Dave Sandel, had me hand in a sheet with three things I can change about my diet.  I can cut out soda (at least cut back at first), I can eat more fiberous foods (fruits and vegetables), and last but not least, I can try my best to eat only between the hours of 12pm and 8pm…

So far, I’ve been struggling to get the last two things in every day, but today is the day where I cut out soda completely.  We will see how today goes…wish me luck…


My Transformation

Well, it happened. I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and decided to get myself back into shape. I’ve hooked up with an amazing personal trainer, Dave Sandel, who has opened my eyes to a completely new (and much better way) way to train. For years I worked out, completely destroying myself; lifting to failure, swimming until I puke, pitching until my arm felt like it was going to fall off. The same way everyone is taught to train — no pain, no gain, right? Wrong.

My first time working out with Dave was interesting. Eye-opening, actually. For those of us that were athletes for most of our lives, we’d been so conditioned to push ourselves past the pain and past the point of exhaustion in our training, that we never really “listened” to our bodies. We only listened to our coaches, dying to please them, truly believing that all this pain and exhaustion we were putting our bodies through would allow us to get better, somehow conditioning our bodies to work better when it was time to perform. What I just described is exactly the opposite of the training I am currently doing with Dave. Back to the first workout — When I first walked in the door of The Movement Minneapolis, I noticed a few things right off the bat; One, there were no mirrors all over the walls, as there are in most gyms. Second, there were no douche-baggy guys with huge arms and tiny legs walking around (probably because there aren’t any mirrors for them to look at themselves). The third thing I noticed was that there were hardly any “typical” weight lifting machines, like you see in most gyms. Now, I know The Movement Minneapolis isn’t considered a “typical” gym, but I was expecting to see the usual “machines” all over. So, right off the bat, my expectations of what was to come were all gone. As I sat there and waited for Dave (I was a little early), I kept noticing other things too. The people were all friendly and welcoming, there were no huge ego’s to deflate, and there sure weren’t any people who acted like I shouldn’t be there, which was great! I also noticed that not one person was wearing typical athletic shoes. Some people were in their socks, others were in these weird shoes that are shaped to your foot and even have separate toe holes, and others were in slip on shoes, like the ones you wear in jail. Oddly enough, it was during this first workout that I found out the hard way, why they wore these type of shoes (I’ll get to this in a later post). But, all in all, I can say i was surprised to see all these differences. But I wasn’t surprised in a bad way, it was all in a good way, because honestly, I knew I needed something different, and from what I’d seen so far, it was ALL different!

During this first workout, my mind was blown over and over. This new way of training, called “The Gym Movement“, was, as I said before totally opposite from everything I knew. I’ve always considered myself pretty knowledgeable when it came to working out and how the muscles work and everything, but I realized after talking for a few minutes I was totally wrong about most of it. Not that it’s anyone’s fault, or anything, it’s just the way everyone’s been taught. Anyway, we got through the workout fine and I can say the hardest thing for me was not allowing myself to keep doing reps after the first sign of strain. See, the whole idea behind this is, you should be able to make quality progress every day….yes, every day. So, if you’re lifting to failure or at least past the point of your body straining to keep going, you’re going to be sore, for a few days usually, which won’t allow you to put in more workouts in between, so you’re actually doing less work overall.

You see, the goal is to do as much “work” in as short a time frame as possible, which should give you better results. Why? Well, I’m not completely versed on the whole concept completely yet, but I’ll try to explain it — In Physics, work is the product of force and the distance over which it moves, thus W = Fd. If you do three sets of the heaviest weight you can lift, you’re not doing much work, since you’re probably lifting to failure each set, and you’re resting longer in between since you’re exhausted. So, if your whole workout is an hour and you only get three or four sets done, with only a few reps each set, you’re not doing much work, even though you’ve completely exhausted your muscles and will most likely be sore for a few days. Now, think about how much more work you could have done, if you had lowered the weight, done more reps (stopping at the first sign of strain), and did many more sets within that same hour? The amount of “work” you did has increased dramatically, but because you stopped when you felt strain each time, you rested less, and you were able to do many, many more reps within that same timeframe. Understand where this is going? By doing more work in the same amount of time, the amount of force doesn’t have to be as much, since you’re able to do more sets and reps (Distance), faster than you would with a much heavier weight. And the best part of all this is, you’ll be able to come in tomorrow and do it again, because you won’t be sore. I know, I know. I was blown away too. You need a second?

Well, I’ll give you a few days….until my next post. For now, get on your computer and check out Dave Sandel’s website, and follow him on Twitter, if you’re a Twitter user, @AthleteCreator. I would also take a look at and I assure you, if you’ve always thought there was a “better way” to getting healthy, in shape, or pain free, THIS IS IT!

Gas Main Explosion in Minneapolis 3/17/11

This is video from the gas main that exploded today in Minneapolis.  View is from 35W southbound.

LinkedIn to go Public in to 2011


Sources close to the social network Linkedln say it is planning to go public, as reported in Reuters. It has filed statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Owner Jeff Weiner told Reuters that he has selected Morgan Stanley (MS), Bank of America (BAC) and JP Morgan (JPM) as book runners. Book runners take the original stock offering and then resell it to retail clients.

Linkedln is a fast growing social networking site with 85 million viewers. Financial information is not available. Company revenues come from advertising. A source close to the company values it at about $2.2 billion.

A company spokesman told Reuters: “Some of these companies want to go  public because they want to beat Facebook and others out.” “If Facebook  went public before Linkedln, do you think anyone would put much  attention to Linkedln. You might want to surpass the beast.”

The social networking segment of the Internet is the fastest growing.  Going public will be huge, perhaps almost analogous to Google’s (GOOG) IPO. Google captured the search engine market. Now social networking companies are the hottest commodity in the IPO market.


Stick Figure Family

More and more, I am seeing these stick figures of families on the back of mini vans, small SUV’s and some Kia’s too. What the hell are those? Why is it that people feel the need to show the public, they are capable of reproducing, even owning a dog or two?

These damn stickers piss me off so much! I don’t know why, completely, but they make me feel like I’m not part of something or that these people think they’re better than me. I mean, what other reason would you portray your entire family as stick figures on the back of your Honda Pilot other than you want everyone who drives behind you to know that you have some deep-seeded insecurity about your ability to have a family, and somehow these stickers “prove” that you did it, and you want the world to know? Yup, that’s what I take from it. Its silly. Its the new soccer ball, which used to represent “I’m a soccer mom”. But, now its gone a step further and it doesn’t only insult those women who aren’t soccer moms…it now takes a blow at the whole family. Dog and all.

I will never be one of those people who feels the need to display my family as stick figures on my car. My wife won’t either, I can tell you that. But, I may just come out with some new stickers for those of us that can’t stand the stick figure families and they will have one different feature. A huge middle finger sticking up from each person….including the dog.

Smart Phones, Not-So-Smart People

Chances are if you’re reading this, you own and know how to use a “smart phone”. Cell phones have definitely come a long way in the last 10 years, and the networks that support them have too. It’s definitely nice to have the ability to do many of the things I would have needed a computer for, before a few years ago, on my phone. But, one thing is certainly true — many of the people that are buying “smart phones” these days, really have no business buying a device like the HTC Evo.

If you didn’t know, I’ve been in the wireless business for 10 years now, and I’ve seen everything. I’ve sold phones to every type of person there is, and I can tell you from experience, it’s never been this bad. It wasn’t so bad when Blackberry and Windows Mobile were the only options for “smart phones”. Blackberries are very easy to use, and in the past, people who didn’t need all those features steered clear of them, so it wasn’t an issue. Windows Mobile was the same way — the only people that ever bought WinMo phones were people who were forced to use them by their employer or those that wanted to sync files from their computers to their phones. Times have definitely changed, haven’t they?

Now, having the latest smart phone is a status symbol. Not only that, the older baby-boomers are trying desperately to keep up with the younger generations and they think a “smart phone” is going to be their answer. The problem with this trend is 50% of the people I see buying these devices don’t know how to use them. That’s not the only problem — most of them don’t want to spend the time to learn how to use them either. That put’s those of us who sell these devices in a pickle. We qualify, qualify and qualify some more, recommending devices that will fit their needs better than the “big touch screen phone with Google”. We explain to them that these phones will do the few things they want them to do, but that 90% of the other phones will too. It’s a lost cause. They always, and I mean always, go for the biggest, shiniest, most complicated (to them) piece of machinery they can get their hands on. Why is this? Can someone explain to me why a 70 year old would purchase an HTC Evo? The thing that gets me is that these people don’t know what GMail even is. They also don’t have any idea that a touch screen isn’t meant to be pressed like a button on a pay phone. It’s maddening. Frustration builds on both sides. It’s not like these people will go home and figure out how to make their phone work on their own, either. They want us to do it for them. We sell them the phone, explain to them how to use the main functions of the phone — which is all they end up using in the end anyway — and set up anything else they ask for, which isn’t a huge deal, but when going through the setup of an Android phone, for example, it has you enter your GMail account info, which most of them don’t have. So, we go and set up a whole new GMail account for them — which they will forget the password for, and most of the time, will never use. Once that is done, it asks you to login it facebook, twitter and/or flickr. Guess what happens when they see this….yup. They not only want you to help them setup a facebook account, they also want you to tell them the complete history of facebook, twitter and flickr and they want YOU to give THEM a good reason to sign up for any of them. Like I said, its a lost cause.

Mainly, I am posting this out of frustration. But my hope is that someone who may be considering a smart phone for no other reason than its the latest and greatest thing out, will read this and think about how much time and effort they really want to spend setting up and learning a new device.

Poynt: Why I Love It



I know there are a ton of apps out there that everyone’s just going nuts over, but I wanted to highlight an app that I use almost daily. 

Poynt is a free, local search application which allows you to search for people, businesses, movies and restaurants.  It allows you to search based on your current location or, if you want to search somewhere else, it’s easy to switch to a certain location of your choosing.  It’s currently available on Blackberry and iPhone and now Android, and can be used in the US, Canada and Germany. For those of you that have been using Blackberries for a while, you may remember the awesome Live Search app that was out for a while, which was almost the same thing.  Well, it disappeared once Microsoft put all it’s eggs into the Bing basket, and we were stuck without any really good local search app…..until now.

Why I can’t live without Poynt:

  • It allows you to save any business or person you search for to your address book.  Yup, just like that.
  • It’s faster to find a number or address (with Poynt on my Blackberry) than any other local search option, on any other device I’ve used.  Even with the new advanced search options with Android, WebOS and even iPhone, Poynt on my Blackberry Tour opens, finds it and saves it faster than any of them. 
  • Once you save the number and address in your address book, you can easily navigate to the business or residence from your address book, by clicking the “BlackBerry” button and scrolling to “Drive To”, if you have Telenav.
  • It has a Reverse Lookup feature, which allows you to look up a phone number or address and it will tell you whose number it is or who lives at the address.  Pretty awesome when you get a lot of calls from people that aren’t in your address book.

There are too many other options and features I like about Poynt to list, but these are my favorite ones. 

The one thing I wish they’d fix, is if you already have a business saved in your address book, which you added using Poynt, it won’t allow another business of the same name to be saved.  For example, I have the Walgreens by my house saved in my address book, which I added using Poynt one day.  I wanted to add the information for the Walgreens near my office, but because it had the exact same name in Poynt, it wouldn’t let me save it, unless I went into my address book and changed the name of the original Walgreens.  Kinda dumb, I know, but everyone has their gripes.

All in all, it’s an app that I couldn’t live without. Like I said at the beginning, I use it daily.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pros: Quick Search, Add to Address Book Option

Cons: Can’t add duplicate venue if already added through Poynt.

Operating Systems: iPhone (iOS), Blackberry, Android

How to Download: Blackberry App World, App Store or Android Market

Cost: Free

Similar Apps: Live Search*, Google Search (Android), Google Maps, CoPilot Live, TellMeWhere, Yelp, Foursquare, Bing

Fantasy Factory Envy

I’ve been watching Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory this year and man, what a blast.
A true ADD success story, for sure. Its pretty awesome to see someone that gave the finger to conformity, followed their heart and achieved something great.

Just think, you could go to work in a factory every day and just create fantasies. Really, there’s more to it than that, but what a great place to be every day for inspiration. Its inspiring to me to watch someone like Rob do what he does and be totally successful and happy. I’m sure there are challenges, but I can honestly say that I am a tad bit jealous of his life. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, Rob!


So, I’ve been poking around on our website today, trying, for the life of me, to find an easy way to insert a five-start rating at the end of each of our posts.  All the WordPress plugins they have for this, claim they are easy, but most require you to understand html, which I don’t at all.  I’ve always considered myself pretty tech-savvy, especially when it comes to web stuff, but this has frustrated me beyond belief. 

After a few hours of fighting with it, I decided to go to the batting cages to take out my frustration on some softballs.  It worked.  But, stupidly, I decided to give the ratings plugin another go.  So, here I sit, waiting for my wife to get home and now I’m frustrated again.  I need a beer. 

If you have any pointers for me guys, please let me know.

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